Wimborne Cloud

Wimborne Cloud is the IT division of the Wimborne Services Partnership, based in Wimborne, Dorset UK. Our software developments are focused on providing business applications for the mobile media using development aids from M-Gateway and databases from GTM and Intersystems. We are in the process of producing a customer care solution which will be a hosted solution with the ability to spread the system across both mobile and PC environments.

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Wimborne Cloud & SELECTahead

Our first full application utilising M-Gateway’s development environment is the Skills Assessment package for Selectahead.

Selectahead is a specialist designer and publisher of vocational assessment material and since being formed in 2002, the company’s aim has remained focused

  1. Provide the educational sector with vocational selection tools that enhance their achievement rates by placing the right person on the right qualification/course.
  2. Provide potential learners with realistic careers guidance, enabling them to achieve their potential in their chosen career.
  3. Provide employers with vocational relevant assessment material enabling them to recruit suitable employees that would be a growing asset to their businesses.
Whilst the Selectahead’s aims remain constant, the methods and materials used have changed significantly reflecting both advancements in technology and the needs of our customers.

The Selectahead application has taken a well proven paper based assessment tool and converted it into a modern, mobile enabled hosted system. The first clients of Selectahead are currently setting up to go live from April 2011.